We guarantee you direct contacts with the leading Russian retailers and make sure they place orders with your business
We have your business and product join the leading Russian retailers within a month after you started cooperation with us
We save you 70 days of trying to get an answer from the leading Russian retailers
We place your product on the shelves of the TOP 5 leading Russian retailers without any fee for being admitted
We provide your business with orders from the leading Russian retailers

You need our services if you produce:

Food products (except for alcoholic beverages and tobacco)
Fast moving consumer goods
Household goods
Building and finishing materials
Pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, medical equipment

You need our services if you face the following problems:

Your production is underutilized
You experience some decrease in profitability of distribution and retail
The local retailers you have been working with are being taken over by the leading Russian retailers
You apprehend working with retailers, whereas in contrast your business rivals have already been cooperating with retailers for quite a long time
You have no retail department
Your KAMs are not experienced enough in negotiating with the retailers
“We are not interested in your product” is the response you get from the retailers
You do not know what to do next to develop your business

if your business is able
to work with the retailers

how to start working
with the retailers without me

Get the help of Retail Sales Expert!


Your benefits

It is 11 years since we started cooperation with the leading Russian retailers and 16 years of working in sales No waste of time on looking for and training a manager and paying him a salary
We maintain the permanent connection with more than 250 acting category managers (purchasers) and their heads from the leading Russian, European and Chinese retailers Save on more than 3 months of collecting information and building engagement with retailer category managers
We provide “remote office” cooperation and bear all the costs of negotiations Save on employee expenses and mobile service
Our services are provided strictly by contract and by non-cash transfer - this will allow you to reduce your taxes Save on employee expenses, mobile service, pension fund contributions, sick pays, vacation pays, wasting time at smoke breaks, absence from work, shirking and etc.

An outside expert is 2 or 3.5 times more profitable than employing an expert annually

As a result you are going to get:

Service Explanation Time Price
#1А Getting ready to join Russian and EAC retailers* We prepare your business for assortment committees of 5 retailers. You will get analytics of standard prices, a photo report of the shelf, selected positions to join each retailer (20 SKU at most), an assessment of your company by 36 parameters and a probability of joining a retailer in percentage terms, a report and an audio recording. 10 days 50 000 ₽
#1B Getting ready to join CIS, EU and Chinese retailers We prepare your business for drop shipping to 5 foreign retailers. You will get the result with the translation into Russian: another photo report of the shelves, a bid tab, a comment of a retailor import office representative on your product, commercial terms and contract terms for joining each retailor, calculation of economic indicators of an export transaction and provision of data on sales geography and volume of orders, requirements for packaging and labeling of your product and adaptation to local tastes, certification and audit requirements, expert recommendations for each retailer, a report and an audio recording. 1 month 477000 ₽
#2A Joining Russian and EAC retail chain On behalf of your business we negotiate with the retailer representatives and get the contract and the first 3 orders for you From 1 month to 12 months depending on the in-house processes for a specific retailer From 2880 ₽ per retailer store, but no more than 3 million ₽
#2B Joining CIS, EU and Chinese retailers On behalf of your business we negotiate with the retailer representatives and get the contract and the first 3 orders for you From 6 month to 24 months depending on the in-house processes for a specific retailer From 8640 ₽ per retailer store, but no more than 9 million ₽

* Service 1 is compulsory for those who intend to work with us

How to join a retailer independently

If you want to get your own experience on getting to know the specific business culture of retailers, here you go! First, visit a specialized site of a retailer, go to the section for suppliers, examine carefully all the information and documents (a guideline for making a contract, criteria of selecting suppliers and goods, instructions on goods delivery for suppliers, quality policy, pro-forma contracts and appendices of 30 or 70 pages and etc.), get registered in the system, fill in a Supplier’s Application Form correctly. Then wait for the answer for 30 or 70 days and follow the instructions given in the return letter sent by the purchasing department. Now you see how easy it is! And that is not all. From now on you will call the category manager every 3 days, trying to get through to him, but every time only getting the secretary. Then you will keep on trying to reach him on the mobile phone. And finally you will end up with flooding the category manager with letters, wondering if your product is good enough and what their decision is.

Sales manager: Kuznetsov Ivan

Specialization: better sales of manufacturing companies. Develops export, retail, marketplace sales channels.

Advanced English and Chinese

Has experience working with marketplaces and online stores: Ozon.ru, Wildberries, Beru.ru and Aliexpress, Tmall, JD, Amazon and others.

Regularly updates contacts with representatives of EU retail chains: Edeka, ALDI, Kaufland, REWE, LIDL, Norma, Globus, Tesco, Manor, Carrefour, Albert, Billa, Migros, COOP, SPAR and others.

Since 2018 developed contacts with representatives of retail chains, presented in China: 7-Eleven, Maiyijia, Vanguard, WU Mart, OLE, FamilyMart, RT-Mart, Kedi, LianHUA, AEON, Younhui, WALMART and others.

Company owner: Moiseev Aleksandr

Entrepreneur since 2009, Торговыесети.рф founder

Taxpayer Personal Identification Number 212705369900

Education: Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Work experience: 2004-2014 held executive positions (First Deputy General Director, Chief Commercial Officer) in OAO "Lenta", ZAO "Innovatsionniy Zavod RPB"; gained work experience at a manufacturing plant, in wholesale and retail; managed revenue cycles of over 600 mln ₽ and staff of over 70 people.

Consults and supports fast-developing businesses in the RF regions and Moscow.

Writes articles for "Kommercheskiy Direktor" and "Generalniy Direktor" journals

Advanced English and Chinese

Areas of expertise: How to work with Russian retailers.

Cooperates with the representatives of almost all the leading Russian retail chains: Х5 RetailGroup, Magnit, , Lenta, Fix Price, Azbuka Vkusa, Globus Gurme, VkusVill, Diksi, Viktoria, Magnolia, METRO C&C, Selgros C&C, Verniy, Svetofor and many others.

Russian retailers

European retailers

Chinese ang Hong Kong retailers


Our activity is not public and is 100% in the legal field of the Russian Federation and the states in whose territory we operate. We help specific companies join retailers.

We neither take part in conferences, nor provide any training or consultations.

Our Team’s achievements:
  • On February 7, 2020, we had our 100th Customer for 11 years of operation.
  • In total, we have enabled 380 SKUs to enter retail chains.
  • Our Customers’ revenues have grown by 59% due to joining new retailers for only a year of working with us.
  • We have provided the level of the first bid from retailers – more than 20 mln ₽.
  • For 3 months, we have created a stream of bids from retailers that is 100% loading the production facilities of our Customers’ plants.
  • For a month, we have brought the Customer’s food products into the matrix of the Russian retailers.

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